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Friday, 24 October 2008

Question & Answer

A Q & A thingy for me ......This questionaire was passed on to me by Lou

1 - How long have you been using PSP, PS?

On and off for about 3 years !

2 - How did you get into making tags,Scraps?

I helped my daughter with her piczo site and loved what people made i thought i give it a go and carried on from their.I got into scrapkitting bout march this year and feel iam improving each day

l3 - Who's Your Favorite Artist?

Keith Garvey.

4 - Who's Your Favorite Scrap designer ?

mmm quite a few really i say Marie from flashgraphics,lynn from deivantdesigner ,kittz ,sparkling special, to many to mention really.

5 - Which 3 Blogs do you visit everyday ?
Make sure you link below

these are the 3 people iam sending this to

  1. marie -
  2. lynn -
  3. Gemini -